AWB International Charter

Article 1 AWB is an organization completely independent of all political, religious or philosophical ties, which works in the interests of human rights.

Article 2 Action by AWB is engaged by request of the concerned country, and is grounded in deep respect for local culture and practices, which alone can guarantee true change and genuine interchange on an equal basis.

Article 3 AWB aims to improve the self-reliance of health care facilities in developing nations, by offering free of charge a foundation course in acupuncture as well as the corresponding supplies, with follow-up and evaluation of the action undertaken.

Article 4 Any administrative structure accepting the terms of the present charter and working towards its implementation may be known as an AWB Center.

Article 5 To obtain this designation, one must receive approval from the members of the International AWB College, ruling according to the provisions of its internal regulations.

Article 6 Each AWB Center totally assumes its own management as well as the legal responsibility for its acts.

Article 7 AWB Centers practice complete openness in all accounting matters.

Article 8 The volunteer acupuncturists and indeed all members of AWB make a commitment not to seek any financial gain through their work within AWB.

Article 9 Each AWB Center will follow, in addition to this present international charter, all laws and regulations in force in their own countries.